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Address:No. 103, Yuqiaoxi Road, Tongzhou District, Beijing
Postal Code:101101
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Catering Facilities

The comfortable Beijing Asia Pacific Garden Hotel with elegant environment is fitted with multiple dining places such as a Chinese restaurant, a Western restaurant, Fashion Space Business Bar, etc. To meet your needs, we will provide you with exquisite delicacies and fashionable drinks to make you fully enjoy our warm and kind services.

All working personnels in the Catering Department of the Hotel hereby sincerely look forward to your coming.

Crystal Jade Golden Palace (Chinese Restaurant)

(11:00am-02:00pm, 05:00pm-10:00pm, Reservation Tel.: 010-81528822-3389/3390) 

       The Chinese restaurant is located on the 2nd Floor of the Hotel and the main dishes are exquisite Guangdong cuisine and home dishes. It has 15 private rooms of different styles and names. Among them, Helan Hall, Coral Hall, and Treasure Hall are large and luxurious private rooms, with delicate cutlery, pure wool carpet, yellow and comfortable dining chairs, which are the ideal choices for you to entertain more than 15 guests. Private rooms with medium size are Pearl Hall, Agate Hall, Amber Hall with elegant and comfortable environment, which are suitable for the dining of 8-10 people. Smaller private rooms are Rain Flower, Amethyst, White Jade, etc. with warm and quiet environment, which are suitable for the dining of 2-6 people and the best choice for the gathering with your close friends. 

Western restaurant

(Extension No.: 3310) 

The western restaurant is located on the 1st floor of the Hotel, with a comfortable environment, elegant style, white dining table and silver cutlery and pleasant music. We prepare fashionable dishes and exquisite desserts characterized in European style.

We are looking forward to your coming to our restaurant where we can provide you with self-service breakfast, lunch, dinner of rich variety. You can eat in the restaurant or choose meal delivery services.

The time for self-service breakfast in the western restaurant is 7:00am-10:00am. Meal delivery service:
     Meal delivery service is available for 18 hours (6:00am-12:00pm). When you need a meal delivery service, you need only call the meal delivery phone number of "7" or "3319". 

Fashion Space Commercial Bar

(9:00am-1:00am; Extension number: 3310)

     The Fashion Space Commercial Bar is located at the west side of the Hotel. There is soft light, elegant furnishings, romantic gauze curtain, comfortable sofa, which can provide you with a private space with fashionable atmosphere. It is suitable for business negotiations and gathering with friends, where you can taste various authentic coffees, teas and special seasonal drinks, together with all kinds of exquisite cakes and pastries, cookies and snacks. We will also offer you with sincere and sweet words.

     Fashion Space Commercial Bar is also equipped with Wifi and ease access to the Internet. 

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